About Us

Our mission is to provide accessible EMDR therapy guided by compassionate professionals. We empower clients to actively participate in their growth, offering a collaborative, supportive, and safe environment. Founded by Charlene Scott, our practice aims to make EMDR training available to more clinicians to help individuals overcome obstacles and lead meaningful lives. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the incredible benefits of EMDR therapy accessible to everyone.  We offer evidence-based therapy under the guidance of caring and compassionate professionals.  We also believe in empowering our clients to be an active participant in their own growth.  We strive to create a partnership with our clients that is collaborative, warm, supportive, and safe.  People are not "broken,"  they just get "stuck."  It is our goal to help them identify and resolve the real obstacles that are holding them back so they can create a rich and meaningful life!

Why this practice was founded

Note from the Owner and Director, Charlene Scott

I first attended an EMDR training thinking it would be just another great tool to add to my therapy toolbox.  I had heard many stories about  how effective it was for PTSD and thought it would be a helpful option to offer clients who have experienced trauma.  What I was surprised to learn was that EMDR is not just for PTSD anymore!  Research has shown that EMDR is effective for a broad range of problems, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, eating disorders, substance abuse, OCD, phobias, grief, relationship issues and more.    It is a robust and comprehensive therapy approach that works for so many people!


Part of the training experience requires the therapist to experience what it is like to participate in EMDR from a client’s perspective.  I was absolutely blown away by my personal EMDR experience and I couldn’t wait to see how it worked with my clients.

As I started to use EMDR with my clients, I saw them make changes in their lives that they haven’t been able to make with other modalities.  My clients were having profound insights, but more importantly, they were actually resolving the root causes of their problems and changing long held beliefs about themselves and their lives.  

I asked myself why this therapy is not available to more people!  I realized that getting trained in EMDR can be expensive and rigorous.  Many helpers in the field do not have the time or the money to go through the training.  It has become my passion and mission to create an EMDR-focused practice that can educate and help more people.  I want to make EMDR training available to dedicated clinicians who might not have had access to it otherwise, so they can bring this amazing therapy to people and help them change their lives!