Meet our Team

We have a team of caring and highly skilled professionals with training in evidence-based therapies.  

 Our Therapists

Charlene Scott, MS, LPC, ACS

Owner, Psychotherapist

Session Fee $150 individual session

Insurance Accepted:  Aetna, Optum, Oscar, UBH

* Not accepting new clients

You want a treatment that works, but also someone you feel you can really relate to. I specialize in working with women who struggle with perfectionism, trauma, anxiety and OCD. I offer evidence-based therapy delivered in a real and down-to-earth style. In a space that feels safe, warm and accepting, we will work as a team to identify your goals and plan a path for change. EMDR is an evidence-based therapy that can help you handle the painful thoughts, feelings, and self-defeating habits that are holding you back, and begin to take action on what matters to you. 

I don't want to keep you in therapy forever. My goal is to help you finally resolve the past and the beliefs that are interfering in your life now. EMDR is one of the most researched therapies available today and studies demonstrate that progress lasts! It has been shown to be effective with a broad range of issues like anxiety, OCD, depression, etc...

Talking and insight can be helpful, but is often not enough for lasting change. This is an approach where you can help your brain reprocess past issues that are keeping you stuck, and create a rich and meaningful life today. I am also excited to have a therapy dog present for in person sessions! Reach out to see if this approach is right for you...

Katie Lucas, MA, LAC, NCC


Session Fee $120 individual session

Insurance Accepted:  None at this time (out-of-network)

* Accepting in-person and virtual clients

I enjoy working holistically with individuals, from teens to older adults, as well as couples/relationships to enhance communication skills and deepen connections. I utilize mindfulness, attachment, and self-compassionate approaches and find a great deal of benefit from incorporating creative interventions, such as the use of art and horticultural therapies. I'm an EMDRIA-approved EMDR therapist and also have advanced training in Exposure and Response Prevention therapy, which I most often use in conjunction with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), to treat OCD and anxiety symptoms. Additionally, I am a gender specialist with advanced training through WPATH.

Therapy is a collaborative process and I look forward to working with you toward increased self-awareness, new perspectives, decreased negative symptoms, and an appreciation of the strengths you already possess. In a warm, nonjudgmental space, I am committed to helping you build on those strengths - achieving your goals and building a truly fulfilling life.

I work under the supervision of  Charlene Scott, MS, LPC, ACS, clinical director of Inner Compass Counseling.

Kathleen Connelly, MA, LAC


Session Fee $120 individual session

Insurance Accepted:  None at this time (out-of-network)

* Accepting in-person and virtual clients

YOU are the expert on your own life and experiences so I believe that the therapeutic relationship should be collaborative. The best way to reach your goals is by working together! I strive to be supportive and empathetic while helping you learn actual techniques and skills to move your life in a new direction. I am experienced in helping people with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harming behaviors and trauma, in both residential and outpatient settings.

I enjoy working with pre-teens, adolescents and adults. I combine Narrative therapy with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and have completed training in EMDR. These approaches have been shown through research to be effective for a broad range of issues. I provide LGBTQ+ affirming care and also believe strongly in the values of Health at Every Size (HAES). Everyone deserves to be at peace with their mind and body.

I want to help you find the best path for yourself, whether that means working on coping skills, processing lived experiences, or finding meaning during life’s many transitions. I am compassionate and creative in my work, and I am inspired by my clients' courage and determination to make changes in their lives. Contact me to get started!

I work under the supervision of Charlene Scott, MS, LPC, ACS, clinical director of Inner Compass Counseling.


Registered Therapy Dog

(available for Charlene's in-person sessions)

Jules is a 9 year-old Golden Retriever who started her career as a therapy dog in 2017. She is a trained and registered therapy dog who LOVES her job! Jules works with our owner, Charlene Scott, MS, LPC, ACS.

Jules and Charlene both completed training in Animal-Assisted Therapy to begin their work together. Research shows that the presence of a therapy animal during psychotherapy increases the effectiveness of treatment for clients of all ages!

Jules has a very calm and gentle personality. She has a gift for comforting those in need and she brings unconditional love and acceptance to her work with clients. When Jules is not at work she enjoys walks in the sun, carrying around her favorite stuffed animals, chasing balls and long naps snuggled up with people.

Jules has been an wonderful addition to our staff. Her presence brightens the days of everyone around the office. Please contact us if you have questions about Animal-Assisted Therapy.